Nanomagnetics with Mi_Magnet and Mi_µMagnet

Mi_Magnet and Mi_µMagnet are two codes, based on the classical Heisenberg model, that determine magnetic configurations by minimizing the energy.

They both make use of the fast multipole method (FMM) to compute efficiently the dipolar field (also called demagnetizing field). They are parallelized using MPI and OpenMP librairies and can thus be used to simulate systems with several millions of variables.

While Mi_Magnet uses exclusively Heisenberg spins, Mi_µMagnet also includes a micromagnetic description that is seamlessly coupled to the atomistic approach. The micromagnetic regions are described with an adaptive finite difference grid. They can be resolved at the atomic scale depending on the spatial variations of the magnetization or the presence of structural inhomogeneities.

Mi_µMagnet has been developped during the PhD thesis of Thomas JOURDAN (text in French).