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What's up?

Access the repository and the bug tracker of V_Sim

Date: 2012-03-06 | Author: Damien Caliste

It is possible to access the SVN repository of V_Sim with a login and a password. To do it, send a login and a password to the maintainer email address (damien.caliste @, encrypted by (password should be entered at the prompt):

openssl passwd -apr1

Then, the SVN is browsable (the certificate is obsolete, sorry for this):

svn ls

The bug tracker is browsable with this link.

Last development available as binaries for Windows

Date: 2006-07-04 | Author: Damien Caliste

Some snapshot of the development version where already available as sources (tarball), but now, it is possible to download some binary version built for Windows users: Zip archive

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Date: 2005-12-06 | Author: Damien Caliste

The SVN repository is (still) not reachable for everybody. But it is possible to access the last development version using the following link: V_Sim development tarball. This link is supposed to be correct whatever development/stable version of the program.

This development version can be compiled like the stable one, except that it generates an excecutable code named v_sim-dev and it installs in according directories.


The list of currently developed features is available but is still in french at the moment, see the development page.