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Laboratoire Nanophysique et Semiconducteurs (NPSC)

Service de PHotonique, ELectronique et Ingénierie QuantiqueS (PHELIQS)

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Dr Eva MONROY received her MSc (1996) and PhD (2000) in Telecommunication Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (Spain), where her main research topic was the design, fabrication and characterisation of photodetectors based on III-nitrides. From 1999 to 2001 she worked as assistant professor at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Her research focused on the technological development of opto- and micro-electronic devices based on III-nitrides: photodetectors, field effect transistors, light emitting devices and surface acoustic wave filters. From 2001 she is a senior researcher at the Institute Nanosciences and Cryogenics (INAC) of CEA-Grenoble, where she is responsible for one of the molecular beam epitaxy facilities for growth of III-nitrides, and her main research topic is the growth of III-nitride nanostructures and their incorporation in novel devices. In 2004, she was Invited Professor during the spring semester at the University of Göttingen (Germany), and in 2005 she got her Habilitation as research supervisor (HDR) from the University of Grenoble. She is referee of several international journals, and author or co-author of more than 200 publications in international journals.


Research projects

We are part of GANEX - "Laboratoire d'Excellence" (ANR-11-LABX-0014) grouping the French laboratories involved in reseach on III-nitride semiconductors




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