Current position: Chargé de mission / Project Officer

Jean-Christophe P. Gabriel is currently holding two missions. First, he is a project officer putting together ambitious and international research projects involving many components of CEA. Second, he also leads a research group on nanomaterials, their synthesis, characterisation, processing and applications.


His group current fields of interest are the following:

(1) Materials: In our laboratory, we synthesize and characterize low dimensionality materials (0, 1 and 2D), by all means necessary and available. These materials can often be exfoliated/dispersed in solution leading to some complex/colloidal fluids, exhibiting a very wide range of fascinating behaviors.

(2) Process development: we are developing tools and processes for impoving various wastes recycling to enable more economically viable waste processing. One of our current effort focusses on an integrated microfluidic lab-on-chip that enables much faster exploration of multidimensional phase diagrams of complex fluids. Such lab-on-chip devices integrate various sensors as well as characterizations methods (such as FTIR in hollow waveguides, or X-ray fluorescence). This work is funded by the advanced ERC project REE-CYCLE (PI = Prof. Thomas Zemb) that aims at developing new rare earth extraction/recycling processes, at least 10 times more efficient that current liquid-liquid extraction processes, where JCG is acting co-PI. See for more details. 

(3) Integration: Thanks to the recently awarded ANR Project 4WATER (kickoff in 01/2018), we will elaborate new and cheap multi-target chemical sensor arrays for the continuous monitoring of groundwater quality. Using a microelectronic approach, the sensors will be based on functionalized nanomaterials and that will target various ions selected for their relevance as regards the quality of fresh water.


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Former student at the “Ecole Normale Supérieure” in Paris, he received his Ph. D. from Orsay’s University and his Habilitation from Joseph Fourier’s University in Grenoble. His career is a mixed academic – industrial one. He indeed started his career at CNRS (4 years at Jean Rouxel Materials Institute, Nantes) followed by 6 years in the Californian startup Nanomix ( where he was one of the very first employees. In this Berkeley spinoff he helped in the technology transfer of nanomaterials and carbon nanotubes technologies, helped raised $34 million of venture capital money over 6 years and with his team was the first to put an integrated nanotube based device on the market (a hydrogen sensor, in 2005). In 2007, he joined CEA-LETI as its “Beyond CMOS” program manager as well as business director of the academic - industry Caltech – LETI alliance. In 2009 he became Deputy Director of CEA's Nanoscience Seed Project Program, ChimTronic 2015 Program as well as DSM Energie program (in 2012). He holds these positions until end of 2016. He has published more than 55 papers in international peer reviewed journals (Nature, JACS, Ang. Chemie, Adv. Mater., Nanoletters, Chem. Rev., PRL etc…) as well as is co-inventor on more than 50 patents and patent applications, many of them dealing with nanomaterials, carbon nanotubes sensors and graphene devices. His overall publications have received ~7500 citations and his h-index is of 41 (according to Google Scholar - which takes into account patent citation as well).



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We are currently searching for Postdocs/Engineer (for process development in waste recycling projects in Singapore/NTU starting in Q3 2018) Please submit your CV to Jean-Christophe P. Gabriel.



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