Dr hab. Joël EYMERY

Modelling and Exploration of Materials (MEM)

Nanostructure and Synchrotron Radiation (NRS)

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Researcher and Senior Expert at CEA

Head of the Nanostructure and Synchrotron Radiation laboratory.


My present research is focused on the development of nanowire physics and heterostructures using synchrotron radiation:
- structural properties: X-ray diffraction under grazing incidence, anomalous and coherent Bragg Diffraction, use of nanobeams
- understanding of growth mechanisms: MOCVD of nitride compounds, self-organization and positioning
- analysis of optical properties in emission and absorption
- study of piezoelectricity
- realization of nano-device demonstrators, including flexible emitters and sensors.

Some achievements:


Ref. 1, Ref.2,  Ref. 3, Ref. 4.


This list contains papers that I have authored.


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