PHotonique, ELectronique et Ingénierie QuantiqueS

NanoPhysique et SemiConducteurs


Permanent researcher at CEA (since Dec. 2006)

Current research interests

Semiconductor self-assembled quantum dots (InAs/GaAs) constitute the workhorse of my research. At cryogenic temperature, such solid-state mesoscopic artificial atoms feature remarkable optical properties. In a nutshell, I integrate quantum dots (QDs) into structured electromagnetic environments aimed at controlling their spontaneous emission. The research combines fundamental aspects (control of light-matter interaction) with the realisation of advanced optoelectronic devices (sources of non-classical states of light, low-threshold microlasers). More recently, I got interested in the application of mechanical stress on QDs, both in the dynamical and static regimes. I have a strong interest both in device fabrication and optical spectroscopy. I also develop analytical or semi-analytical models, to complement numerical simulations, performed in-house or in collaboration with international experts (N. Gregersen and P. Lalanne for Nanophotonics).

Publications and talks (as of February 2017)



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