03 mars 2017
Ernst award 2016 for Katharina Märker
Contact : Gaël De Paepe

Katharina Märker (PhD student, MEM/RM) was awarded the Ernst Award during the Annual Meeting of the German Magnetic Resonance Discussion Group in Düsseldorf. At this occasion she had the opportunity to present her recently published work on NMR crystallography. The Ernst award was created in 1998 by the Magnetic Resonance Discussion Group of the German Chemical Society and is granted on the basis of a genuine work recently published as first author in an international scientific journal.

 K. Märker, M. Pingret, J.-M. Mouesca, D. Gasparutto, S. Hediger, G. De Paëpe, “A New Tool for NMR Crystallography: Complete 13C/15N Assignment of Organic Molecules at Natural Isotopic Abundance Using DNP-Enhanced Solid-State NMR”, Journal of American Chemical Society, 2015, 137, 13796-13799.


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