13 octobre 2017
In the context of the study of the interplay between magnetism and superconductivity, a phase transition has been evidenced as a function of magnetic field between two phases having identical magnetic symmetry. Since this effect cannot be magnetically driven, it implies a modification of the nature ... Lire la suite »
12 avril 2017
In a metal the energy levels of the electrons, which have to be all in different quantum states due to the Pauli exclusion principle, are filled up to the Fermi energy at zero temperature. The surface of constant energy in the reciprocal space separating occupied and unoccupied electronic states is ... Lire la suite »
27 février 2017
L’association de conditions extrêmes simultanées de haute pression et très fort champ magnétique est un outil très puissant permettant de moduler les interactions microscopiques pour atteindre et étudier de nouveaux états de la matière. ... Lire la suite »
18 septembre 2013
Extreme conditions of high pressure, associated with low temperatures and high magnetic field are the corner stone for the exploration of  the phase diagrams of strongly correlated electron systems, and therefore for the discovery of new states of matter and of the interplay between the ... Lire la suite »


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