Modeling and Exploration of Materials (MEM)
Head : Francois RIEUTORD Deputy Head : Thierry DEUTSCH

The MEM laboratory  offers a unique and coherent set of techniques for material exploration. It is able to to provide comprehensive and concrete answers to materials or processes problems.

The MEM laboratory  gathers different teams of INAC whose thematic area   is around one technique or one type of experimental technique.

  • The LEMMA Laboratory: Advanced Microscopies laboratory and ion beams. Ultimate TEM, strain measurements, holography, chemical analysis
  • The SGX laboratory: laboratory X-rays including single crystal analysis, powder scattering, thin films, high resolution, small angle scattering, reflectometry and grazing incidence scattering.
  • The NRS laboratory: Nanostructures and Synchrotron Radiation laboratory. In situ and operando studies, strain measurements (high resolution and micro-Laue polychromatic X-ray scattering), grazing incidence scattering, reflectometry.  Running of CRG beamlines at ESRF.
  • The NMR laboratory: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance lab, development of Dynamic Nuclear Polarization/Magic Angle Spinning techniques for solid state NMR.
  • The MDN laboratory: neutron diffraction laboratory. Triple axis inelastic scattering, magnetic scattering. Running of CRG instruments at ILL.
  • The LSIM laboratory: numerical simulation laboratory, using ab-initio codes based on DFT, Tight binding etc..

The competencies and experimental tools of MEM laboratories are also an essential part of the Grenoble nano-characterization platform (PFNC) and other collaborating research groups (CRGs) built around Grenoble large facilities (ILL for neutrons and ESRF for synchrotron).


Maj : 08/12/2017 (1149)

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