21 juillet 2017
Contact : Joël Emery
The properties of hard X-ray to excite light emission can be combined simultaneously with X-ray fluorescence techniques to study nanoscale devices as demonstrated for multiple quantum well (MQW) InGaN/GaN core/shell wires integrated in blue LED emitters. This study allowed us to understand the ... Lire la suite »
18 avril 2016
Contact : Stefano Mossa
Confinement at the nano-scale and interaction with interfaces profoundly alter structure and dynamics of water. Grasping the true nature of these modifications at the molecular level is crucial, in contexts as diverse as biology or materials science. In particular, these phenomena are everywhere in ... Lire la suite »
15 septembre 2015
Contact : Damien Massy
Damien Massy, SP2M/NRS, received the best presentation award at the E-MRS Fall meeting 2015 for his paper called “Alternative Smart-Cut integration on silicon”. The paper was about Damien’s PhD work, on Acoustic Emission from Crack Propagation in the Smart Cut™ Technology.
31 mars 2015
Legend: Q-constant energy scans (solid symbols), at two Bragg positions shown in the inset, fitted by a series of Gaussian functions (solid lines). This figure emphasizes one series of transverse modes when the scattering vector Q is parallel to the direction of the ordered antiferromagnetic ... Lire la suite »
24 février 2015
Des nanoclusters auto-organisés dans une couche mince élaborée par sol-gel, c’est possible ! L’organisation des nanoclusters est liée de près à l’arrangement des pores dans les films recuits. Cette découverte de scientifiques de ... Lire la suite »
23 septembre 2011
Ce résultat fait la couverture de Phys. Rev Lett. 107 (13). L'article signé par S. Raymond et al., Understanding the Complex Phase Diagram of Uranium: The Role of Electron-Phonon Coupling, décrit les résultats d'une étude expérimentale couplée ... Lire la suite »


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