- Silicon based nanowires for super capacitor applications
- Silicon based nanowires for super capacitor applications

Silicon Nanotrees used in supercapacitor applications

Supercapacitors are promising devices combining the large energy density of batteries and the cycle life and the power density of dielectric capacitors. These electrochemical systems use nanostructuration to store large quantities of energy at the interface between an electrolyte and the electrode which is usually porous carbon.

The lab’s pioneer work focuses on designing optimum silicon nanostructures in order to obtain high performances and micro-scalable devices using silicon nanowires, silicon nanotrees and the combination of these silicon nanostructures with other capacitive materials (redox molecules, metal oxides, conducting polymers…).

The possible applications of these devices ranges from medical implantable devices to active RFID tags or energy buffer to improve cell phone batteries cycle life.

This research axis is developed in collaboration with the CEA/LEMOH with the nanostructure growth and physical characterization at SiNaPS and the electrochemical testing at LEMOH.

- Silicon based nanowires for super capacitor applications

Ragone Plot of different energy storage devices

Permanent Staff:

CEA/INAC/SP2M/SiNaPS: Pascal Gentile


CEA/INAC/SPrAM/PCI: David Aradilla


Non-permanent Staff:

2013-2016: Dorian Gaboriau, PhD Student at CEA/INAC/SPrAM/LEMOH and CEA/INAC/SP2M/SiNaPS

2010-2013: Fleur Thissandier, PhD Student at CEA/INAC/SPrAM/LEMOH

2013-2014: Nicolas Berton, Post-Doctoral Fellow at CEA/INAC/SPrAM/LEMOH


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