- Silicon and germanium based nanowire growth by chemical vapor deposition

Silicon Nanotrees made in the French Alps - Grenoble

The lab is equiped with CVD (Chemical Vapor Depositon) low pressure reactor working at high temperature under reductive atmosphere (H2). This machine is exclusively dedicated to the growth of Silicon, Germanium or Si/Ge nanostructure, like nanowires or nanotrees with n or p doping (PH3 or B2H6 respectively). The experimental knowledge acquired at the lab allows an extremely fine tuning of the desired morphologies and conductivity of the structures. The combination of this state of the art equipment with unmatched knowledge on CVD growth means the lab is in the vanguard of the world research on Si, Ge and Si/Ge Nanostructures. Moreover, this equipment matches the highest security and reproducibility standards. This equipment is operated in collaboration with CNRS/LTM


our CVD Equipment

Permanent Staff:

Pascal Gentile, CEA/INAC/SP2M/SiNaPS

Thierry Baron, CNRS/LTM


Non-permanent staff:

2013-2016: Dorian Gaboriau, Kevin Guilloy PhD Students

2012-2015: Virginie Brouzet, PhD Student

2011-2014: Priyanka PERIWAL, PhD Student

2010-2013: Ludovic DUPRE, PhD Student

2007-2010: Fabrice Oehler, PhD Student


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