Spectroscopie de sites actifs de métalloprotéines
Active Sites of Metalloproteins I am mainly interested in studies of metalloproteins from both the structural and functional point of view by using two complementary spectroscopic methods: EPR and NMR Ferredoxins, such the one presented below, exemplify particularly well the various properties of the proteins which can be examined.  
By EPR: (at low temperatures ~4 K) number of active sites (2), composition (4Fe-4S), oxidation state (Ox or red), oxidation states of the particular Fe ions (FeIII or FeII), redox potential (titration), nature of the magnetic coupling (ferro or anti-ferro) inside the active site and between the active sites (exchange or dipolar)…….. By NMR: (at ambient temperature) examination of nucleus surrounding the active site (1H, 13C, .)which are probes References (as exemples): P.Kyritsis et al. Biochemistry (1999) 38, 6335-6345 R. Kümmerle et al. J. Biol. Inorg. Chem. (2001) 6 : 446-451  

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