- Nanostructured germanium for light emission

The recent advances in the field of Ge laser sources raised a large interest in the semiconductor community since an all group IV solution for photonic functions integrated on electronics levels is now within a mid-term reach. We are interested in the growth, doping and convenient straining of Ge microwires for making this material a gain medium.

Planar Ge (100) and vertically Ge (111) are investigated through the project “PHARE photonics” between the Physical Science Division (DSM) and the Technological Research Division (DRT) in CEA Grenoble.


Fig. 1. Germanium wire uni-axially strained (~2%) in silicon membrane.

Fig. 2. Ge nanowires obtained by catalyst CVD growth.



For more information you can contact the principal investigators: Vincent Calvo and Nicolas Pauc



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