12-month postdoctoral position: Graphene/2D layer transfer technologies  

A postdoctoral position in the physics and technology of layer transfer is available as part of the research program "Programme Tranverse de Compétence" between basic and applied research departments of the CEA.

The research will be performed in collaboration with researchers of Institut Nanosciences et Cryogénie of CEA (INAC) and Laboratoire d'Electronique et Technologie de l'Information (LETI).

The project will be concerned with transfer technologies of Graphene or other 2D layers (e.g. TMDs) from a donor substrate (usually the growth substrate) to a host substrate (usually the substrate required for applications). Assistance to detachment by light gas implantion at low energy will be studied. The role of roughness on adhesion/bonding energies will be adressed using various techniques including SEM, TEM, X-ray reflection and scattering (incl. synchrotron).

Experience in such materials, characterization tools or technology is welcome.

Candidates should provide a curriculum vitae, a letter of motivation, a summary of their research experience, a list of publications to be sent to François Rieutord. Position is available for start as soon as possible. The search will continue until the position is filled.

M. Benini, dépêche du 23/06/2017


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