Adiabatic manipulations of Josephson qubits for quantum computing
LianFu WEI - Southwest Jiaotong Universi
Mardi 15/06/2010, 16:00
Bât. E, Salle Louis Weil, 3ème étage, Institut Néel

It is well-known that there are two typical approaches to implement quantum computing; one is the gate-based quantum computing (i.e., implemented by a series of logic gates), and the other is adiabatic computing (i.e., adiabatically manipulating the system from a known initial state to the desirable state encoded the solution of the problem).

The former scheme is usually evolution-time sensitive, as the gates are usually implemented by the pulses with well-controlled durations. The latter is obvious evolution-time insensitive but seems lack the generality, as each problem formally requires specific adiabatic manipulations.

Here, we propose an hybrid approach to realize the quantum computation by implementing the desirable logic gates via a series of adiabatic evolutions. The present scheme is general, since it is formed by a series of logic gates. The present scheme is also evoultion-time insensitive, as all the relevant logic gates are implemented by adiabatic manipulations without defined durations. Specifically, our proposal could be conveniently demonstrated with experimentally-existing systems, such as Josephson phase/flux qubits and electrons on Helium, wherein the broken parity symmetries of the bound states provide an efficient approach to design the required adiabatic pulses.

Contact : Michel BENINI


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