Research Campus Planning and Researcher-Industry Innovation Strategies
  - University of Auckland, Tamaki Campus, New Zealand
Mardi 31/08/2010, 11:00
Bât. C5 P.421A, CEA-Grenoble

A new approach to research campus planning will be explained based on the development of UA Tamaki Innovation Campus. The alignment of the innovation campus with national priorities, regional priorities and the local community is important. Comparisons with leading international integration Campuses provide benchmarks for future development. UA Tamaki Campus is being developed based on several thematic research clusters including Manufacturing and Materials, Health Innovation, Environment & Sustainability, and Wine Science. The Manufacturing and Materials Cluster includes three major programme developments including The Materials Accelerator, Hybrid Polymers and Advanced Composites, all of which involve extensive recent partnerships with local and international companies. The Materials Accelerator is a national network of applied materials researchers from 8 partner organisations (Government Laboratories and Universities). The Materials Accelerator has a mandate to support economic growth by developing new transformational products in partnership with the emerging NZ high-technology manufacturing sector.  New strategies for developing commercial R&D partnerships with innovative companies have evolved including surveys of industry pain-points and industry pulls (projects). Perhaps the most significant of these cooperative research strategies is the use of Joint Technology Planning with individual companies. The objective of my current study leave is to understand and evaluate international models for cooperative research between research providers and innovative companies and their niche sectors.


Contact : Said SADKI


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