Graphene in Grenoble
Intervenants multiples
Vendredi 14/11/2014, 09h15-17h45
Bât. A, Salle de conférences, 3ème étage, CNRS

Opening talk by Konstantin NOVOSELOV

-- University of Manchester --

Laureate with Andre GEIM of the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics



Whereas various projects such as the large "Graphene Flagship" are ongoing, it is crucial for our local community to raise its voice and improve its visibility at both national and European scales. Grenoble holds a unique position in France, and warrants a role to play in Graphene research in view of the numerous scientific results already obtained and recognised internationally.


This day aims at:

  • engaging in the promotion of the Grenoble-based research in graphene
  • allowing attendants to improve their visibility of all activities involving graphene in Grenoble
  • encouraging young researchers to present their work (master students, PhD students, post-doctoral fellows) thanks to a poster session to be held during the Lunch break.
  • At the end of the day, a young scientist will be awarded the 'Best Poster Prize' to honour his/her work.

The event will be open to anyone. Registration is FREE (yet mandatory) to access the Novoselov talk and/or the rest of the workshop.


You shall also use this registration page to submit your poster.



The final program of the day will be released very soon… stay tuned!


You can get in touch with the organisation committee ( if you have any further question about the workshop or if you want to be added to our mailing list.

Contact : jplanes


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