1st French & Japanese Joint Workshop on Electric Field Effect
Intervenants multiples
du 18/06/2015 au 19/06/2015
Bât. K, Salle R. Lemaire (K223), Institut Néel

A two-days workshop organised in the frame of Dr Shimpei ONO’s Chair of Excellence




Electric field control of materials properties is one of the longstanding issues in solid-state science. One of the advantages of this technique is that one can observe disorder-free phenomena upon carrier doping and find novel electronic and magnetic states that are impossible to generate in a chemical way.

This workshop intends to provide current progress in electric-field effect control of transport, magnetism in exotic materials. This workshop offers an opportunity for French and Japanese researchers to access to the latest research outcomes and to discuss their results on electric field effect. Also this workshop aims at fostering research collaboration between French and Japanese researchers.

Contact : jplanes


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