KSTAR : Tokamak Helium Refrigeration System Design and Manufacturing
Air Liquide DTA
Vendredi 20/10/2006, 11h00
Bât. D1 P.201, CEA-Grenoble
The KSTAR (Korean Superconducting Tokamak Advanced Research) project makes intensive use of superconducting magnets operated at 4.4 K. The cold components of KSTAR require forced flow of supercritical helium for magnets and structure, boiling liquid helium for current leads, and gaseous helium for thermal shields. A helium refrigerator has been customed design for this project. The "design" operating mode results with a system composed of a 9 kW refrigerator. Using gas and liquid storages for mass balancing, it adapts to the different operating modes of the tokamak


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