Service de PHotonique ELectronique et Ingénierie QuantiqueS (PHELIQS)

Laboratory for Quantum Electronic Transport and superconductivity (LaTEQS)



Directeur de recherche CEA


Sujets de recherche

mesoscopic quantum transport, semiconducting nanodevices, hybrid superconducting-normal metal junctions,

Coulomb blockade, quantum interference effect in diffusive and localized regimes.

Single dopant and single electron effects in silicon nanostructures, CMOS qubit



1985: PhD in Physics (Université Paris-Sud Orsay) "Electronic transport and magnetism in irradiated organic conductors"

1985-1996: Researcher at the CEA-Saclay (IRAMIS-SPEC)

1996-today: Researcher at the CEA-Grenoble (INAC-PHELIQS)

HDR UJF (1997)

2010-2015 Director of the "Condensed Matter and Nanoscience" Federation   UJF-CNRS-CEA (FR–CNRS 2601)

2008-2011 Coordinator of the European "AFSiD "project

2009-2011  Representative of Research staff at the "Nanosciences  Foundation"

2013-2016 Coordinator of the European "SiSPIN "project

2016- Representative of Research staff at the CAc -COMUE-UGA

selected publications:

Thomas Dubouchet, Benjamin Sacépé, Johanna Seidemann,Dan Shahar, Marc Sanquer,and Claude Chapelier  Collective energy gap of preformed Cooper-pairs in disordered superconductors , Nature Physics Decembre 2018 arXiv:1806.0032


V. Mazzocchi, P. G. Sennikov, A. D. Bulanov, M. F. Churbanov, B. Bertrand, L. Hutin, J. P. Barnes, M. N. Drozdov,J. M. Hartmann, and M. Sanquer, 99.992% 28Si CVD-grown epilayer on 300 mm substrates for large scale integration of silicon spin qubits, arXiv1807.04968  J. Cryst. Growth. 2018

M. Seo, P. Roulleau, P. Roche, D.C. Glattli, M. Sanquer, X. Jehl, L. Hutin, S. Barraud and F.D. Parmentier, Strongly correlated charge transport in silicon MOSFET quantum dots Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 027701 (2018)  DOI:

R. Maurand, X. Jehl, D. Kotekar Patil, A. Corna, H. Bohuslavskyi, R. Laviéville, L. Hutin, S. Barraud, M. Vinet, M. Sanquer, S. De Franceschi A CMOS silicon spin qubit, arXiv:1605.07599 Nature Communications 7, Article number: 13575 (2016) doi:10.1038/ncomms1357

B. Voisin, R. Maurand, S. Barraud, M. Vinet,X. Jehl, M.Sanquer, J.Renard, and S. De Franceschi Electrical control of the first hole spin in a silicon nanowire MOSFET, Nanoletters 2015 DOI: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.5b02920

P. Clapera, S. Ray, X. Jehl, M. Sanquer, A. Valentian, and S. Barraud, Co-integrated Voltage Controlled oscillators and a MOS-Single Electron transistor, Phys. Rev. Applied 4, 044009 (2015).

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R. Lavieville, F. Triozon, S. Barraud, A. Corna, X. Jehl, M. Sanquer, J. Li, A. Abisset, I. Duchemin, and Y.-M. Niquet, "Quantum Dot Made in Metal Oxide Silicon-Nanowire Field Effect Transistor Working at Room Temperature.” Nano Lett., 2015, 15 (5), pp 2958–2964

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Benoit Voisin, Viet Nguyen, Julien Renard, Xavier Jehl, Sylvain Barraud,François Triozon, Maud Vinet, Yvan Duchemin, Yann-Michel Niquet, Silvano De Franceschi, Marc Sanquer, « Few-Electron Edge-State Quantum Dots in a Silicon Nanowire Field-Effect Transistor » Nanoletters March 2014

X. Jehl, B. Voisin, T. Charron, P. Clapera, S. Ray, B. Roche,M. Sanquer, S. Djordjevic, L. Devoille, R. Wacquez and M. Vinet  «  A hybrid metal/semiconductor electron pump for practical realization of a quantum ampere » PHYSICAL REVIEW X 3, 021012 (2013)

E. Dupont-Ferrier et al. “Coherent coupling of two dopants in a silicon nanowire probed by Landau-Zener-Stückelberg interferometry » PRL 110, 136802 (2013)

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B. Roche, E. Dupont-Ferrier, B. Voisin, M. Cobian, X. Jehl, R. Wacquez, M. Vinet, Y.-M. Niquet, and M. Sanquer « Detection of a large valley-orbit splitting in silicon with two-donor spectroscopy”  Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 206812 (2012).

B. Roche, B. Voisin, X. Jehl, R. Wacquez, M. Sanquer,  M. Vinet, V. Deshpande, B. Previtali, A tunable, dual mode field-effect or single electron transistor, Appl. Phys. Lett. 100, 032107 (2012)

B. J. Villis, A. O. Orlov, X. Jehl, G. L. Snider, P. Fay, and M. Sanquer “Defect detection in nano-scale transistors based on radio-frequency reflectometry” APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 99, 152106 (2011)

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