Research Fields and Interests

In recent decades, progress in fabrication and characterization of systems with reduced dimensionality has stimulated fundamental research on a wide range of quantum phenomena and has enabled development of nanomaterials with new functionalities related to new information technologies. The most remarkable event, in this context, is the discovery of giant magnetoresistance (GMR) in magnetic multilayered structures in 1988 by the groups of A. Fert and P. Grunberg. They observed a significant change in the resistance of multilayers when the magnetizations of adjacent ferromagnetic layers separated by a nonmagnetic spacer were brought into alignment by an applied magnetic field. This discovery opened new ways of exploring magnetic properties of materials by means of spin-dependent transport and generated a new field of research called spin electronics (spintronics) which combines two traditional fields of physics: magnetism and electronics. It was recognized by the award of the 2007 Nobel Prize in Physics to A. Fert and P. Grunberg .

The research interests of Mairbek Chshiev have been mainly focused on the theory of spin-dependent electronic transport phenomena in nanostructures as well as on electronic band structure properties of materials for spintronics. The main research topics along with calculation techniques are summarized schematically in the diagram and in more details below.

Research interests of Dr. M. Chshiev