Topology and Superconductivity 2015

Symposium in honor of the 70th anniversary of Vladimir Mineev

November 27, 2015, Grenoble

Symposium talks and photos are now online



We have the pleasure of inviting you to the Symposium on Topology and Superconductivity to be held in Grenoble on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Vladimir Mineev, our colleague at the Theory Group of INAC/SPSMS.



Symposium's topics are devoted to the areas of Theoretical Physics to which Vladimir Mineev made the major ground breaking contributions. The Symposium will bring together his collaborators and friends outside and inside of Grenoble.

Thierry Champel   (LPMMC)
Manuel Houzet      (INAC/SPSMS)
Mike Zhitomirsky (INAC/SPSMS)

for further information, please, contact one of the organizers



Serguei Brazovskii (Orsay and Moscow)
Thierry Champel (Grenoble) [pdf,ps,other]
Andrew Huxley (Edinburgh) [pdf]
David Khmelnitskii (Cambridge)
Yuriy Makhlin (Moscow)
Kirill Samokhin (Canada)
Grigori Volovik (Helsinki) [pdf,ps,other]
Vladimir Mineev (Grenoble) [pdf]



The Symposium is taking place in the Conference Room of Maison des Magistères (CNRS-Grenoble), starting at 9:00 a.m. on Friday, Nov. 27



Participation in the Symposium is free but registration is required to fulfill the entrance formalities to the CNRS site and to organize coffee breaks. Please, fill out the registration form before Wednesday, Nov. 25





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