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Patrice RANNOU

Structure et Propriétés d'Architectures Moléculaires

Laboratoire d'Electronique Moléculaire Organique & Hybride

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fax.png 33-(0)4-387-85113


Mail Address 1 

Laboratory of Molecular, Organic & Hybrid Electronics (LEMOH)

UMR5819-SPrAM (CEA/CNRS/UJF): Structures and Properties of Molecular Architectures (SPrAM)

Institute Nanoscience & Croygenics (INAC), CEA-Grenoble, 17, Rue des Martyrs F-38 054 Grenoble Cedex 9 (France)

Mail Address 2

Observatory for Micro & NanoTechnologies [UMS2920-OMNT(CEA/CNRS)] 

MINATEC Campus, 3 Parvis Louis Néel, F-38 054 Grenoble Cedex 9 (France)


Professional Preparation

-2013: Habilitation (HDR: "Habilitation a Diriger les Recherches") in Chemistry (University of Grenoble I-UG)

-1998: Ph.D. in Physics (University Joseph FOURIER/Grenoble I-UJF)

-1994: M.Sc. in Polymer Physics (University of Montpellier II-UMII)

-1994: M.Sc. in Polymer Science (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Montpellier-ENSCM)

-1993: M.Sc. in Polymer Chemistry and Blends (Textile & Chemical Institute-ITECH)


-09/13-To date: Deputy-Head of the Observatory for Micro and NanoTechnologies (UMS2920-OMNT [CEA/CNRS])

-10/02-To date: Chargé de Recherche 1ère Classe CNRS (CR1 is equivalent to a position of Associate Professor)

-10/99-10/02: Chargé de Recherche 2ème Classe CNRS (CR2 is equivalent to a position of Assistant Professor)

CNRS/Institute of Chemistry (INC)

Section 11: "Supra/Macro-Molecular Systems & Materials: Elaboration, Properties, & Functions"

UMR5819-SPrAM (CEA/CNRS/University J. FOURIER-Grenoble I)

-06/98-06/99: Visiting Researcher, New Materials Laboratory R&D Center, Hitachi Chemical. Co. Ltd, Hitachi, Japan.


Research Areas

-Functional Molecules, Macromolecules, Supramolecules & Supramacromolecules

-Self-Organized (Bioinspired & Biosourced) Pi-Conjugated (Semi)Conducting Materials

-Organic/Plastic & (Supra)Molecular (Opto)Electronics

Research Interests & Keywords

-Organic & (Supra/Macro)Molecular Chemistry: Molecular, Macromolecular & Supramolecular Engineering Approaches & Synthetic Routes towards Oligomer, Homopolymer, Alternated Copolymer, Block Copolymer & Dendritic Functional Architectures

-(Quasi-)1D vs. 2D vs. 3D Self-Assembly of Functional Materials: Controlled Phase Separation (Self-organization & Hierachization) in (Multiblock) Functional Architectures based on Covalent &Non-Covalent (Ionic, H-Bonding, Van der walls..) Interactions

-Pi-Conjugated Materials: Organic SemiConductors (thiophene-based OSCs) & Organic Conductors (aniline-based OCS)

-Organic Single Crystals & Liquid Crystals (LCs): Molecular OSCs, Calamitic/Sanidic and Polycatenar Functional LC OSCs

-Bioinspired & Biosourced OSCs: DNA-OSC Hybrids, Self-Assembled Oligo(Peptide)s (Quantum Dots (QDs) & Nanotubes (NTs))

-Electronic Transport & Optoelectronic Properties: dc-Conductivity, Charge Carrier Mobility, Electronic & Energy Transfer

-Optoelectronic Devices: Organic Field-Effect Transistors (OFETs) & Organic Solar Cells (Donor/Accepetor Heterojunctions)


Personal Selection of 17 Publications (P1-17) over the 2002-2013 Period (full list on request to ) of over 114 papers (60 regular articles and 54 proceeding papers), 2 book chapters (Electronic and Optical Properties of Conjugated Molecular Systems in Condensed Phase (2003) & Handbook of Liquid Crystals (2013)), and 8 patents.

-P1."Tuning structure and function in tetra(aniline)-based rod-coild-rod architectures", C.U. Udeh, P. Rannou, B.P. Brown, J.O. Thomas, C.F.J. Faul, J. Mater. Chem. C 1 (2013) 6428-6437.

-P2. "The Influence of polymer purification on photovoltaic device performance of a series of indacenodithiophene donor polymers", R.S. Ashraf, B.C. Schroeder, H.A. Bronstein, Z. Huang, S. Thomas, R.J. Kline, C.J. Brabec, P. Rannou, T.D. Anthopoulos, J.R. Durrant, I. McCulloch. Adv. Mater. 25 (2013) 2029-2034.

-P3. "Double smectic self-assembly in block copolypeptide complexes", J.S. Haatja, N. Houbenov, H. Iatrou, N. Hadjichristidis, A. Karatzas, C.F.J. Faul, P. Rannou, O. Ikkala, Biomacromolecules 13 (2012) 3572-3580.

-P4. "Donnor-Acceptor alternating copolymers containing thienopyrroledione electron accepting units: Preparation, redox behaviour, and application to photovoltaic cells", C. Ottone, P. Berrouard, G. Louarn, S. Beaupré, D. Gendron, M. Zagorska, P. Rannou, A. Najari, S. Sadki, M. Leclerc, A. Pron. Polym. Chem. 3 (2012) 2355-2365.

-P5. "Influence of polymorphism on charge transport properties in isomers of fluorenone-based liquid crystalline semiconductors", F. Lincker, A-J. Attias, F. Mathevet, B. Heinrich, B. Donnio, J-L. Fave, P. Rannou, R. Demadrille

Chem. Commun. 48 (2012) 3209-3211.

-P6. "Delineating poly(aniline) redox chemistry using tailored oligo(aryleneamine)s: Towards oligo(aniline)-based organic semiconductors with tunable optoelectronic properties ", Z. Shao, P. Rannou, S. Sadki, N. Fey, D.M. Lindsay, C.F.J. Faul,

Chem. Eur. J. 17 (2011) 12512-12521.

-P7. "Fluorenone core donor-acceptor-donor pi-conjugated molecules end-capped with dendritic oligo(thiophene)s: Preparation, liquid crystalline behaviour, and photovoltaic applications", F. Lincker, B. Heinrich, R. De Bettignies, P. Rannou, J. Pécaut, B. Grévin, A. Pron, B. Donnio, R. Demadrille. J. Mater. Chem. 21 (2011) 5238-5247.

-P8. "Self-assembly and hierarchies in pyridine-containing homopolymers and block copolymers with hydrogen-bonded cholesteric side-chains", J.T. Korhonen, T. Verho, P. Rannou, O. Ikkala

Macromolecules 43 (2010) 1507-1514.

-P9. "Molecular weight dependence of chain packing and semicrystalline structure in oriented films of regioregular poly(3-hexylthiophene) revealed by high resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy", M. Brinkmann & P. Rannou

Macromolecules 42 (2009) 1125-1130.

-P10. "Probing local electronic transport at the single crystal/dielectric interface", Y. Luo, F. Gustavo, J.-H. Henry, F. Mathevet, F. Lefloch, M. Sanquer, P. Rannou, B. Grévin,Adv. Mater. 19 (2007) 2267-2273.

-P11. "Effect of molecular weight on the structure and morphology of oriented thin films of regioregular poly(3-hexylthiophene) grown by directional epitaxial solidification", M. Brinkmann & P. Rannou

Adv. Funct. Mater. 17 (2007) 101-108.

-P12. "Probing the electronic properties of self-organized poly(3-dodecylthiophene) monolayers by two-dimensional scanning tunneling spectroscopy imaging at the single chain scale", L. Scifo, M. Dubois, M. Brun, P. Rannou, S. Latil, A. Rubio, B. Grévin

NanoLett. 6 (2006) 1711-1718.

-P13. "Grafting of oligoaniline on CdSe nanocrystals: Spectroscopic, electrochemical, and spectroelectrochemical properties

of the resulting organic/inorganic hybrid", C. Querner, P. Reiss, M. Zagorska, O. Renaud, R. Payerne, F. Genoud, P. Rannou, A. Pron,

J. Mater. Chem. 15 (2005) 554-563.

-P14. "Electrochemistry: Arrays of polymer nanowires", B. Grévin & P. Rannou

Nat. Mater. 3 (2004) 503-504: Invited News & Views.

-P15. "Multi-scale scanning tunnelling microscopy study of self-assembly phenomena in two-dimensional polycrystals of p-conjugated polymers: The case of regioregular poly(dioctylbithiophene-alt-fluorenone)", M. Brun, R. Demadrille, P. Rannou, A. Pron, J.P. Travers, B. Grévin. Adv. Mater. 16 (2004) 2087-2092.

-P16. "Low Tg, stretchable polyaniline of metallic type conductivity: The role of dopant engineering in the control of supramolecular organization and in the tuning of its properties", B. Dufour, P. Rannou, D. Djurado, H. Janeczek, M. Zagorska, A. de Geyer, J.P. Travers, A. Pron. Chem. Mater. 15 (2003) 1587-1592.

-P17."Processible conjugated polymers: From organic semiconductors to organic metals and superconductors", P. Rannou & A. Pron,

Prog. Polym. Sci. 27 (2002) 135-190: Invited Review.


(Gratefully Acknowledged) National Funding & Support (NFS) and International Funding & Support (IFS)

-NFS-CNRS: Institute of Chemistry (INC) & Institute of Physics (INP)

-NFS-CNRS-MRCT & Nanorgasol ( National Network for Organic Solar Cells

-NFS-C’Nano Rhône-Alpes (

-NFS-CEA MINATEC/LETI & DSM: Chimtronique & DSM-Energie

-NFS-French Ministry of Research: ACI, ANR, CARNOT Institute, Excellency Laboratory (Labex ARCANE), National RTB program , Hubert Curien Program (PHC)

-NFS-Nanosciences Foundation (

-NFS-University J. FOURIER-Grenoble I: Centre for Chemistry, Life and Healthcare Sciences and Bioengineering (CSBSV)

-IFS-Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd

-IFS-IFCPAR: Indo-French Centre for the Promotion of Advanced Research

-IFS-ISERE-International Summer Research Experience (with funding/support from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI))

-IFS-MINATEC Summer program (with funding/support from the National Science Foundation (NSF))

-IFS-PHC-POLONIUM (with funding/support from the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education)


Synergistic Activities

-2014: Co-organizer of the 2nd Organic Electronics Summer School (OESS2014)


Member of the OESS's Steering Committee and Program Co-Chair (with Prof. Raphaël CLERC)

-2013-To Date: Member of the ICOE's Program Committee


-2013-To Date: Co-organizer of the French-American Workshop (FAW)

FAW2013: htttp://

Member of the Organizing Committee of FAW.

-2013: Co-organizer of the 9th International Conference on Organic Electronics (ICOE)


Member of the ICOE2013'Organizing Committee and Program Co-Chair (with Prof. Raphaël CLERC)

-2012-To date: Member of the Steering Committee of the MINATEC Summer Program (MSP), renamed from 2014 onward as Giant International Internship Programe (GIIP)

-2012-01/2014: Responsible of communication  (CNRS-INP/INC sides) of the UMR5819-SPrAM (CEA/CNRS/UJF) Lab

-2012: Co-organizer of the 41st National Congress of the French Association of Polymers (GFP)


Member of the GFP2012’Organizing Committee

-2006-To date: Co-organizer of the International Conference on Molecular Electronics (ElecMol)


Member of the ElecMol’Organizing Committee.

-2004-To date: Co-leader (With Dr. Jean-Louis FAVE) of a team of ca. 25 French leading experts of the emerging field of organic (opto)electronics and Senoir Expert within the Organic Electronics division of the French Observatory of Micro & NanoTechnologies


-2001-03/2013: Elected member of the Scientific Council of the UMR5819-SPrAM (CEA/CNRS/Univ. J. FOURIER-Grenoble I) Laboratory of Structures & Properties of Molecular Architectures.


(Greatly Appreciated & Enjoyed) Past/Present Local, National & International Collaborations with the groups of:

Prof. André-Jean ATTIAS, University Pierre & Marie Curie (UPMC)/Paris VI (France)

Prof. Christoph J. BRABEC, Friedrich-Alexander-University (Germany)

Prof. Paul F. BARBARA, University of Texas @ Austin (USA)

Dr. Redouane BORSALI, CERMAV (France)

Dr. Martin BRINKMANN, Institut Charles Sadron (France)

Prof. Raphaël CLERC, IOGS (France)

Dr. Marie-Noëlle COLLOMB, UMR5250 (CNRS/UJF)-DCM (France)

Prof. Russel J. COMPOSTO, University of Pennsylvania (USA)

Dr. Renaud DEMADRILLE, UMR5819 (CEA/CNRS/UJF)-SPrAM (France)

Dr. Alain DERONZIER, UMR5250 (CNRS/UJF)-DCM (France)

Dr. Gaël De PAËPE, UMRE3 (CEA/UJF)-LCIB (France)

Dr. Bertrand DONNIO, Institute of Physics and Chemistry of Materials of Strasbourg (France)

Dr. Renaud DUMAS, Institute of Life Sciences Research & Technology/iRTSV (France)

Prof. Charl F.J. FAUL, University of Bristol (UK)

Prof. Trevor FORSYTH, Keele University (UK) & Institut Laue-Langevin (France)


Dr. Benjamin GREVIN, UMR5819 (CEA/CNRS/UJF)-SPrAM (France)

Prof. Olli T. IKKALA, Aalto University (Finland)

Dr. Henryk JANECZEK, Centre of Polymer and Carbon Materials (Poland)

Dr. Agnieszka IWAN, Electrotechnical Institute (Poland)

Prof. Mario LECLERC, Université Laval (Canada)

Prof. Iain McCULLOCH, Imperial College London (UK)

Dr. Thomas OLINGA, Rescoll (France)

Dr. Fumihiko OTA, Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd (Japan)

Dr. Srivanasan PALANIAPPAN, UMR5819 Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (India)

Prof. Adam PRON, UMR5819 (CEA/CNRS/UJF)-SPrAM (France) & Warsaw University of Technology (Poland)

Prof. Said SADKI, UMR5819 (CEA/CNRS/UJF)-SPrAM (France)

Prof. Ewa SCHAB-BALCERZAK, Katowice University (Poland)

Dr. Hideaki UEHARA, Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd (Japan)

Dr. Vincent FORGE, Institute of Life Sciences Research & Technology/iRTSV (France)

Prof. C. Grant WILLSON, University of Texas @ Austin (USA)


Current & Former Members of the Team (P. RANNOU & collaborators)

-Postdoctoral Researchers

Since 05/13: Dr. Soraia ZAIONCZ

Since 05/13: Dr. Esther CASTILLO GONZALES

Since 04/13: Dr. Carlos FERNANDEZ DE ALBA

Since 09/12: Dr. Olivier JAUDOUIN

01/07-07/08: Dr. Frédéric OSWALD [Nowadays Researcher @ Solaronix (Switzerland)]

10/06-10/07: Dr. Agnieszka IWAN [Nowadays Researcher @ the Electrotechnical Institute (Poland)]

09/05-11/07: Dr. Fabrice MATHEVET [Nowadays CR1-CNRS @ UMR7610-Laboratory of Polymer Chemistry [CNRS/U. Paris VI] (France) ]

08/04-02/07: Dr. Amrit PUZARI [Nowadays Associate Professor @ the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Nagaland (India)]

-(Co)Supervised PhD Students: Univ. J. FOURIER (UJF)-Graduate School of Chemistry& Life Sciences (EDCSV)

10/03-02/07: Ms. Sandrine MARTINS

12/00-03/04: Mr. Jean-Pierre BONNET [Nowadays: Associate Professor @ University of Picardie/Jules VERNES (France)]

10/99-10/02: Mr. Bruno DUFOUR [Nowadays: Researcher @ Hutchinson (France)]

-(Co)Supervised Graduate Students (GrS) & Undergraduate Students (UGrS) 

University year 2013-2014

UGrS/BSc. Level: Mr. Dhruv SESHADRI (Case Western University (USA))

University year 2012-2013

UGrS/BSc. Level: Ms. Clarissa FORNIERIS (MIT (USA))

GrS/M1 Level: Ms. Margot JACQUET (University J. FOURIER/Grenoble I-UJF (France))

GrS/PhD Level: M. Robert C. FERRIER Jr. (University of Pennsylvania-UPENN (USA))

University year 2011-2012

GrS/M1 Level: Mr. Bastien VIVERGE (University J. FOURIER/Grenoble I-UJF (France))

UGrS/BSc. Level: Mr. Jeremy J. KRUMHOLT (Louisiana State University-LSU (USA))

University year 2010-2011

UGrS/BSc. Level: Ms. Dominique A. INGATO (University of Pensylvannia-UPENN (USA))

UGrS/L2 Level: Ms. Julie ROSIER (University J. FOURIER/Grenoble I-UJF (France))

UGrS/L2 Level: Ms. Margot JACQUET (University J. FOURIER/Grenoble I-UJF (France))

University year 2009-2010

GrS/M2 Level: Ms. Manuela PRANDI (University J. FOURIER/Grenoble I-UJF (France) & Politecnico di Torino (Italy))

UGrS/L2 Level: Mr. Paul VANDAME (University of Rouen (France))

University year 2008-2009

UGrS/BSc. Level: Ms. Natalie L. GRUENKE (Furman University (USA))

University year 2006-2007

UGrS/L2 Level: Ms. Sonia DUMAZ (University J. FOURIER/Grenoble I-UJF (France))

UGrS/L2 Level: Ms. Emilie POULET (University J. FOURIER/Grenoble I-UJF (France))

University year 2005-2006

UGrS/L2 Level: Ms. Nelly VALLET (University J. FOURIER/Grenoble I-UJF (France))


Facilities & Characterization Techniques

-Run by the Team (P. RANNOU & collaborators)

*Chemistry lab with equipment for ultra-high vacuum, organic and macromolecular chemistry

*Variable Temperature (RT/200°C) FTIR-Attenuated Total Reflection (ATR) Spectroscopy (4000-600cm-1)

Paragon500 (Perkin Elmer) spectrometer (Resolution: 4cm-1) equipped with a GoldenGate (SPECAC) ATR set-up

*UV-Vis Absorption Spectroscopy (190-820nm)

HP8451A (Hewlett-Packard) DAD (Diode Array Detector) Spectrometer (Resolution: 2nm)

*Variable Temperature (-100°C/250°C) UV-Vis-NIR Absorption Spectroscopy (190-3200nm)

Lambda 9 (Perkin Elmer) spectrometer (Resolution: 1nm) equipped with a Cryotstat/Oven (SPECAC)

*(RT) Photoluminescence (PL) Spectroscopy (190-900nm)

F-4500 (Hitachi) spectrometer (Resolution: 1nm)

*UV-Vis-NIR absorption and PL (200-1100nm) Spectroelectromistry characterization PLASPECO platform

Set-up allowing Cyclic Voltammetry (CV), Differential Pulse Voltammetry (DPV), UV-Vis-NIR Absorption & PL spectroscopy though the Home-made coupling of a PGSTAT302 (Autolab) potentiostat & a HR2000+ES (Ocean Optics) spectrometer under a glove box.

*Analytical Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC) line (Eluent: THF)

Chemstation 1100 (Hewlett-Packard) line equipped with a in line degasser, a 7725i (Rheodyne) manual injector, a column oven, an analytical scale SEC column allowing molecular weight determination in the 0.2-400 kDa (Eq. PS) range, and a combination two detectors: a DAD UV-Vis (190-900nm) Spectrometer and a Refractive Index (RID) Detector. This SEC line is calibrated against 10 Poly(styrene) (PS) narrow standards (Dispersity (Dw=Mw/Mn) in the 1.01-1.09 range)

*Analytical & Semi-Preparative Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC)  UPOSEC platform (Eluent: Chloroform)

Customized Chemstation 1260 (Hewlett-Packard) line equipped with a in line degasser, a 7725i (Rheodyne) manual injector, a column oven, analytical scale and semi-prepararive SEC columns allowing molecular weight dertermination in the 0.2-400 kDa (eq. PS) range, a DAD UV-Vis (190-900 nm) spectrometer and a Fraction Collector. The SEC line is calibrated against 13 Polystyrene narrow standards (Dispersity (Dw= Mw/Mn) in the 1.01-1.09 range)

*Variable Temperature (-196°C/350°C) Polarized Optical Microscopy (POM) platform with In-situ UV-Vis Absorption & PL Spectroscopy capabilities (400-1100nm)

Customized set-up including a DMLM (Leica) Microscopeworking both in transmission and reflection modes equipped with a series of x2.5, x5, x10, x20, and x50 objectives, a 3CCDKYF75 (JVC) camera, a LTS350 (Linkam) hot-plate, a CI94 (Linkam) temperature controller, a LNP (Linkam) cooling system and with a HR2000+ES (Ocean Optics) UV-Vis & PL spectrometer

*Variable Temperature (-40°C/200°C) 4 Probe dc-Conductivity characterization platform

Home-made set-up allowing simultaneous 4-probe dc-conductivity measurements of up to eight (self-)supported (1cm2) thin films or (13 mm diameter) pressed pellets under a  vand der pauw configuration.

DC & Pulsed electrical characterization platform for (organic)ooptoelectronic's micro/nano-devices

Customized set-up consisting of a PM5 (Süss Microtec) probe station  equipped with 7 probes, a 4200SCS (Keithley) Semiconductor characterization System with 5 SMUs (SMU: Source& Measure Units) & a PulseIV-A (Keithley) Module.

-Access to SAXS through collaboration with an INAC’s colleague

*Dr. Arnaud De GEYER/INAC-SP2M-SGX:  (RT/300°C) Small-Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) Line consisting of a FR591 (Nonius) rotating Cu k-alpha anode (3kW), a set of two Ni-filtered FOX2D Cu_12 INF (Xenocs) focusing mirrors, a 2D (Diameter= 16 cm) Gas Detector (Sample to detector distance 5-400 cm) and variable-temperature sample environment making use of a FP82HT (Mettler) Hot plate and a FP90 (Mettler) controller.

-Acces to INAC's

*NMR and X-Ray Centers

*Organic & Hybrid Solar Cell Fabrication and characterization Facilities of the HYBRID-EN Platform

*Clean Room/Nanofab.


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