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SYstèmes Moléculaires et nanoMatériaux pour l’Energie et la Santé (SyMMES)

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CV: Berrod-CV-2019.pdf

Open positions

We are currently looking for 2 PhD candidates - starting date: october 2019 - physical chemistry


Expertise area

Professional experience


2017 - 2018

CNRS Resarch scientist at INAC / SyMMES / STEP & Instrument scientist at ILL - IN6 / SHARP ToF spectrometer

Instrument scientist. CRG ILL / CEA - IN6/SHARP: - Time-of-Flight spectrometer co-responsible -

2016 - 2017 Postdoc - Eurotalent fellowship - at Berkeley lab (LBNL, USA, California) and  CEA / LLB - High power carbon nanotube based 1D battery -
2014 - 2016 Postdoc (CEA / IRAMIS / LLB) - Ionic liquids confined in Carbon NanoTube membranes for batteries -
2010 - 2013

PhD in Physics (Université Joseph Fourier / Institut Laue Laue Langevin) - Structure - transport interplay for Fuel Cell electrolyte -


2010 Master thesis (CEA / INAC / SPrAM / PCI) - Water dynamics in perfluorinated polymer membranes -
2008 Master Internship (CEA / INAC / SPrAM / PCI) - Ionic transport in ionic conducting liquid crystals -


Publications récentes (base de données HAL-CEA).

Q. Berrod, Patrick Judeinstein, Yanbao Fu, Vincent S. Battaglia, Adeline Fournier, Jean Dijon, Jean-Marc Zanotti , Ionic liquids charged with lithium salt confined in 1D CNT membranes: giant ionic conductivity, arXiv. https://arxiv.org/abs/1710.06020      

2018: Q. Berrod, K. Lagrené, J. Ollivier, J.-M. Zanotti, Inelastic and Quasi-Elastic Neutron Scattering. Application to Soft-Matter, EPJ Conferences, 188,05001, doi.org/10.1051/epjconf/201818805001

2017 :  N. Martinez, A. Morin, Q. Berrod, et al., Multi-scale water dynamics in PEM Fuel Cell by operando Quasi Elastic Neutron Scattering, JPC C,  DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpcc.7b11189

2017: Q. Berrod, S. Hanot, A. Guillermo, S. Mossa and Sandrine Lyonnard, Water sub-diffusion in membranes for fuel cells, Sci. Rep., 7, 8326, doi: 10.1038/s41598-017-08746-9    

2017: Q. Berrod, F. Ferdeghini, J.-M. Zanotti, P. Judeinstein, D. Lairez, V. García Sakai, O. Czakkel, P. Fouquet and D. Constantin, Ionic Liquids: evidence of the viscosity scale-dependence, Sci. Rep., 7, 2241, doi: 10.1038/s41598-017-02396-7 

2017: S. Mitra, C. Cerclier, Q. Berrod et al., Ionic Liquids Confined in Silica Ionogels: Structural, Thermal and Dynamical Behaviors, Entropy, 19 (4), 140, doi:10.3390/e19040140

2016: F. Ferdeghini*, Q. Berrod*, J.-M. Zanotti, P. Judeinstein, V. Garcia Sakai, O. Czakkel, P. Fouquets and D. Constentin, Nanostructuration of ionic liquids: impact on the cation mobility. A multiscale study, Nanoscale, DOI: 10.1039/C6NR07604A

2016: Q. Berrod, F. Ferdeghini, P. Judeinstein, N. Genevaz, R. Ramos, A. Fournier, J. Dijon, J. Ollivier, S. Rols, D. Yu, R. A. Mole, and J.-M. Zanotti, Enhanced ionic liquid mobility induced by confinement in 1D CNT membranes, Nanoscale, DOI: 10.1039/C6NR01445C

2015: Q. Berrod, S. Lyonnard, A. Guillermo, J. Ollivier, B. Frick, A. Manseri, B. Ameduri, G. Gebel, Nanostructure and transport properties of proton conducting self-assembled perfluorinated surfactants: a bottom-up approach towards PFSA fuel cell membranes, Macromolecules, 48 (17), 6166–6176 (2015)

2015: Q. Berrod, S.Lyonnard, A. Guillermo, G. Gebel, J. Ollivier, B. Frick, QENS investigation of proton confined motions in hydrated perfluorinated sulfonic membranes and self-assembled surfactants, EPJ 83, 02002 (2015).

2015: M. Fumagalli, S. Lyonnard, G. Prajapati, Q. Berrod, L. Porcar, A. Guillermo and G. Gebel, Fast Water Diffusion and Long-Term Polymer Relaxations During Nafion Membrane Hydration Evidenced by Time-Resolved SANS, The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 119 (23), 7068–707 (2015)

2014: S. Dalla Bernardina, J.B. Brubach, Q. Berrod, A. Guillermo, P. Judeinstein, P. Roy and S.Lyonnard, On the Mechanism of Ionization, Hydration and Intermolecular H-Bonding in Proton Conducting Nanostructured Ionomers, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 118(44), 25468-25479 (2014).

2010: S. Lyonnard, Q. Berrod, B. Brüning, G. Gebel, A. Guillermo, H. Ftouni, J. Ollivier, B. Frick, Perfluorinated surfactants as model charged systems for understanding the effect of confinement on proton transport and water mobility in fuel cells membranes. A study by QENS, Eur. Phys. J. Special Topics, 189 (2010) 205-216.


2016: Q. Berrod, F. Ferdeghini, P. Judeinstein, J. Dijon, J.-M. Zanotti, Nanocomposite membranes for electrochemical devices and desalination,(FR1552572  WO2016151142 )

Teaching experience

2010-2013 Lab classes in analytical, inorganic and thermo- chemistry (128 h)
Courses/tutorial classes in atomistic – 64 h



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