Group Members

photo Claude

Claude Chapelier

Director of research & Group leader
Tel: + 33 4 38 78 39 05

photo Thomas

Thomas Jalabert

Phd Student
Tel: + 33 4 38 78 39 05

photo Estelle

Estelle Mazaleyrat

Phd Student
Tel: + 33 4 38 78 52 12

photo Vincent

Vincent Renard

Associate professor
Tel: + 33 4 38 78 62 25
researchgate account of V. Renard

Former Members

Loic Huder Now at ISTerre
Alexandre Artaud Postdoc at Kiel University
Felipe Lipp Bregolin Now postdoc at Goettingen University
Toai Le Quang Now postdoc at METAS
Eduard Driessen Now permanent staff at IRAM
Charlene Tonnoir Now at OSRAM
Zoltan Osvath Now at Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
Thomas Dubouchet Now strategy consultant at Advancy .
Benjamin Sacepe Now permanent staff at CNRS institut Neel.
Walter Escoffier Now assistant professor at INSA Toulouse.
Maud Vinet Now permanent staff at CEA/Leti.