Inac, Institute for Nanoscience and Cryogenics


Inac is a joint CEA-UGA research institute. It is a major actor in fundamental research on condensed matter, soft matter and cryogenics in Grenoble.

PhD and Master thesis
Researchers at INAC-PHELIQS-NPSC have developed new approaches for the detection of ultraviolet/infrared light using single GaN nanowires. Results have led to the demonstration of the first photodetector-in-a-wire based on intersubband transitions, i.e. electron transitions within quantum-confined ... More »
Three different services, SyMMES, MEM and PhELIQS from INAC institute, have been working together during the last year and a half within the framework of a collaborative intern project dealing with nitrogen doped-vertically oriented graphene nanosheets (N-VOGNs) for supercapacitor applications. The ... More »
Radiation robust circuit design for harsh environments like space is a big challenge for IC design and embedded systems. As circuits become more and more complex and CMOS processes get denser and smaller, their immunity towards particle strikes decreases drastically. Spintec proposed a novel ... More »
Integration of charge sensors for the readout of semiconductor quantum bits (qubits) is required for a realistic realization of scalable quantum computer. Such charge-sensitive devices, however, involve a significant overhead in terms of gates and contact leads, posing an issue for scalability ... More »
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Mon, Dec. 18th, 14:00-16:00
Soutenance de Thèse PHELIQS - Anais Francheteau - CEA-Grenoble - Bât. Accueil, salle de conférence
Wed, Dec. 20th, 14:00-16:00
Soutenance de Thèse SYMMES - Carine GEORGE - CEA-Grenoble - Bât. Accueil, salle de conférence
Thu, Dec. 21st, 14:00-16:00
Soutenance de Thèse MEM - Aymeric Tuaz - PHELMA Minatec - Amphi M001
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