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2015 Master internships and PhD propositions :

Master internship subjects for year 2016 are available here.

PhD propositions to start in October 2016 : here


Linear method based on wavelet functions for electronic structure calculations
Electronic structure calculations based on the Density Functional Theory are widely applied to materials and molecules. Nevertheless, there are limited to systems with few hundred of atoms because the operation scaling is cubic versus the number of atoms. Thanks to the locality properties of ... More »

Spin torque nano-oscillators: Locking of damped and Spin torque driven modes
Spintronic concepts and materials are well known for their applications in data storage, magnetic memory and hybrid logic devices. Besides, they can also bring novel approaches for the realization of microwave components such as rf signal sources or rf detectors. These applications are based on the ... More »

Benoit Gaury wins the 2015 Thesis Prize Award of the Nanosciences Foundation
In January, the Nanoscience Foundation awarded the 2015 Thesis Prize to Benoit Gaury for his scientific contribution on « Emerging concepts in time-resolved quantum nanoelectronics ». This doctoral thesis has been prepared at INAC, in theory group on the SPSMS department ... More »





Journée Anniversaire INAC
Journée Anniversaire INAC



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