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2015 Master internships and PhD propositions :

Master internship subjects for year 2015 are available here.

PhD propositions to start in October 2015 : here


In vivo measurement of the size of oil bodies in plant seeds using a simple and robust pulsed field gradient NMR method (PFGNMR).
In oleaginous seeds, the energy reserves are mainly triacylglycerols that are liquid lipids contained inside micrometric vesicles, called oil bodies (OB). Seeds are of first importance for human and animal feeds, for biofuels sources and their economic weight is far from being negligible. Therefore ... More »

Melanin synthesis: a paradoxical effect against UV
While melanin's role is to protect us when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the Sun, the molecules used to make it could produce alterations in the DNA. CEA researchers and their international collaborators have observed this antagonistic effect in melanin production chain for several ... More »

Self-organization in a sol-gel thin film
Self-organized nanoclusters in a thin film elaborated by sol-gel, this is possible ! The nanocluster organization is closely related to the pore arrangement in the annealed films. This discovery of scientists from INAC/SP2M, LITEN and University Grenoble Alpes still widens the applications ... More »





Inauguration de la PTA
Inauguration de la PTA



Scientifics activities

Magnetization reversal induced by spin polarized currents
J.P. Attané, C. Beigné, A. Marty, A. Mihai, J.-C. Pillet, Y. Samson, L. Vila, P. Warin


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