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2015 Master internships and PhD propositions :

Master internship subjects for year 2016 are available here.

PhD propositions to start in October 2016 : here


Heat transport in glasses and superlattices
Control of heat transport at the nanoscale is crucial for many technologies, including thermoelectricity. We have demonstrated by computer simulation of a toy model, that it is possible to design highly ordered systems with thermal conductivities lower than those of completely disordered structures ... More »

Thermotropic Ionic Liquid Crystals for Single-Ion Conducting Lithium Battery Electrolytes
We have synthesized and characterized a new class of solid electrolytes showing promising performances for use in safer Lithium ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are currently gaining increasing importance for (hybrid) electric vehicles as well as stationary energy storage. However, a major ... More »

Optofluidics marble game for sub-wavelength imaging applications
The distribution of the electromagnetic field is an essential input for the design and development of new photonic structures. The classical near-field microscopy tools (SNOM, PSTM ..) allow to obtain this information experimentally. This type of scanning probe microscopy is mainly based on a point ... More »





Journée Anniversaire INAC
Journée Anniversaire INAC



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