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2015 Master internships and PhD propositions :

Master internship subjects for year 2015 are available here.

Open-doors day for Master students : Thursday October 22nd, 2015


Lionel Duband awarded William E. Gifford Award by the Cryogenic Society of America
Lionel Duband and his team were awarded the 2015 William E. Gifford Award by the Cryogenic Society of America (CSA). This prize rewards the team working on project ARTEMIS within INAC's Low Temperatures Department. ARTEMIS (Bolometers Architecture for Large Field of View Ground-Based ... More »

New alga-like graphene morphology for the design of high performance supercapacitor devices
Over the past years the rapid and growing demand of miniaturized electronic devices, such as medical implants (neurotransmitters), micro-sensors or micro-mechanical systems, has triggered intensive investigations in the research of new on-chip energy storage units for their integration into such ... More »

Tensile strained germanium nanowires: towards a direct bandgap!
Light sources fully integrated into microelectronics technology are the missing stones of silicon photonics. Silicon, as well as germanium, are not well suited for light emission in their natural form, due to the indirect nature of their bandgap. In the case of Ge, this limitation can potentially ... More »


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