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2015 Master internships :

Master internship subjects for year 2015 are available here.

Labs open-doors day for Master students, October 22nd :


A book including a contribution from Spintec was awarded by the Magnetics Society of Japan
  Researchers from Spintec wrote the first chapter of a book about magnetoresistive sensors. This book that collects all available knowledge on this subject was awarded a Distinguished Publication Award by the Magnetics Society of Japan. Since the discovery of the giant ... More »

Spintronics: antiferromagnets take a full part
In spintronics, the spin dependent transport properties of ferromagnets (Fs) lie at the heart of devices working principles. Conversely, antiferromagnets (AFs) are so far used for their magnetic properties only. However, spin dependent transport with AFs is of high interest: spin absorption lengths ... More »

Yannick Martin awarded March 2014 NanoART prize
Yannick MARTIN, who recently finished his PhD at SP2M/LEMMA has been awarded the NanoART monthly prize in September 2014.   NanoART is a Nano Imagery contest sponsored by nRai®, and organized in Grenoble by the Nanoscience Foundation.   Website for ... More »





Wafer MRAM
Wafer MRAM



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