The 17th European Workshop on
Metal-Organic Vapour Phase Epitaxy (EW-MOVPE 17)

Grenoble, June (18) 19-21, 2017.

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The aim of the workshop is to bring together scientists and engineers to discuss the latest trends in MOVPE. The special format of this workshop consists of eight invited plenary talks, plus four contributed poster presentations, and three short courses. The emphasis is on high quality plenary talks, and lots of time for discussion and exchanges of scientific ideas during the poster sessions.

Following the established format, the short courses on Sunday, June 18 and the talks will be spread over the 19th to 21st June. There will also be a commercial exhibition, which will feature international exhibitors from several sectors of materials science and engineering. All interested companies are welcome to contact the workshop organizers

The Workshop deals with the following topics, among others:

  • Organometallic precursors & chemical sources
  • Growth and doping mechanisms
  • Reactor and process modelling
  • In-situ probing, real time measurements and process monitoring
  • Selective area epitaxy, non-planar and self-assembled growth
  • Low dimensional structures, nano-epitaxy
  • Materials typically grown by MOVPE, e.g.
    III-V compounds (GaN, GaSb, GaAs, InP etc.)
    II-VI compounds (CdTe, ZnO etc.)
  • Diluted nitrides and diluted magnetic semiconductors
  • Novel materials, including 2D
  • MOVPE related device issues
  • Safety and industrial issue                   

Previous EW-MOVPE conferences:

After 30 years and sixteen successful workshops the workshop will be hosted in Minatec-Grenoble in 2017.

  • Aachen (1987)
  • St. Andrews (1988)
  • Montpellier (1989)
  • Nijmegen (1991)
  • Malmö (1993)
  • Gent (1995)
  • Berlin (1997)
  • Prague (1999)
  • Wrexham (2001)
  • Lecce (2003)   
  • Lausanne (2005)  
  • Bratislava (2007)
  • Ulm (2009)
  • Wroclaw (2011) 
  • Aachen (2013)
  • Lund (2015)  













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