Nov 05, 2014
A book including a contribution from Spintec was awarded by the Magnetics Society of Japan
Contact : Claire Baraduc


Researchers from Spintec wrote the first chapter of a book about magnetoresistive sensors. This book that collects all available knowledge on this subject was awarded a Distinguished Publication Award by the Magnetics Society of Japan.

Since the discovery of the giant magnetoresistance (GMR) effect in 1988, spin electronics or spintronics has been presented as a new technology paradigm, awarded by the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2007. Potential applications at the time of the discovery have become real in the last two decades. In this sense, selected successful approaches of GMR based sensors in different applications: space, automotive, microelectronics, biotechnology … are collected in the present book. State of the art contributions from academy and industry can be found through the contents.

This book can be used by all scientists in order to have a reference text in this topical fascinating field.


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