Jul 06, 2016
Inac has finished the development of its new rapid low temperatures measurement station
Contact : Anthony ATTARD

Inac has finished the development of its new generation of low temperatures measurement station (CABTR). They will be installed on Iter project.

 To observe fast transients and quick cryogenic phenomena, researchers for Inac has developed a new instrument called CABTR (Centrale d’Acquisition Basses Températures Rapide)  

Its bandwidth up to 100Hz, its capability to measure from 8 to 40 channels without multiplexing, its ability to communicate with programmable logic controller through Modbus TCP and Profinet IO, make the CABTR a device, either intended for a researcher (8 channels model) or for an industrial who wishes to equip a large installation.




First manufacturing by the SEICO Company at Nantes has started. A dedicated CEA web site insures, in real time, that all specifications are reached during tests and calibration.

CABTR will be installed, among other, on the Iter project where the distance between the sensor and the instrument can be up to 350m with a 10 channels cable.

Measurements done at Inac show that the electronic noise, temperature equivalent, stays below the millikelvin with a dissipated power on sensor below 25nW at 4K

More information at www-cabtr.cea.fr



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