Oct 25, 2016
The Simcryogenics library for simulation of cryogenic refrigeration systems

SBT has developed a library to simulate cryogenic refrigerators, from hot compression up to the cryodistribution. This library allows to better understand the behavior of this machines, but also to optimize thanks to model-based-design approaches

Each component of the library is described by differential algebraic equations, which are modeling their behavior w.r.t. time. To model a cryogenic system, one must drop components and connect them using the MATLAB / Simulink graphical interface. Then, an algorithm explicit the causality between components. The only thing to do is to observe the simulation results. Such modeling tool / simulation opens the following perspectives:

  • - Parametric analysis
  • - Behavioral analysis
  • - Energetic Optimization
  • - Control loop setting, mono or multivariable
  • - PLC Code Debugging
  • - Operator training


The SBT is already using this tool in the context of many projects, including WPMAG, JT-60SA and CRYOGREEN


Last update : 10/25 2016 (1209)


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