Oct 18, 2017
Toward dispersive qubit readout by gate reflectometry

Integration of charge sensors for the readout of semiconductor quantum bits (qubits) is required for a realistic realization of scalable quantum computer. Such charge-sensitive devices, however, involve a significant overhead in terms of gates and contact leads, posing an issue for scalability toward many-qubit architectures. Gate-coupled radio frequency (RF) reflectometry represents an alternative approach to qubit readout.


We have reported on dual-gate reflectometry in a metal−oxide− semiconductor double-gate silicon transistor operating at low temperature as a double quantum dot device. The reflectometry setup consists of two radio frequency resonators respectively connected to the two gate electrodes. By simultaneously measuring their dispersive responses, we get direct access to the energy level spectra of the quantum dots employable as qubits.

In perspective, scaling up our multigate reflectometry technique may allow for single-shot readout of quantum dot arrays.

Level Spectrum and Charge Relaxation in a Silicon Double Quantum Dot Probed by Dual-Gate Reflectometry


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