Jul 11, 2013
Two prizes for Sylvie Sauvaigo and the LXRepair start-up
Contact : Sylvie Sauvaigo

Sylvie Sauvaigo just received the prize in 2013 national contest for the creation of innovative companies.
On Tuesday, July 2, 2013, Genevieve Fioraso chaired the ceremony national contest to support the creation of innovative companies. Created by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research in the dynamics of the 1999 law on research and innovation, the competition this year celebrates its 15th edition, 120 winners "emerging" and 55 winners "creation-development "were recognized by the national jury.

Sylvie was honored in the "creation and development". This award will allow LXRepair to launch the first clinical validations for identifying enzymatic signatures of DNA repair that are markers of sensitivity to therapy in the case of metastatic melanoma. In addition, in collaboration with the laboratory of Nucleic Acids damages, LXRepair will be able to expand its technological test platform.


A few months earlier, in March 2013, Sylvie had already received the Biovision Catalyzer 2013 in the category "personalized medicine, cancer, access to medicines" for the project involving the future start-up LXRepair, the laboratory Lesions of Nucleic Acids (INAC / SCIB) and Lyon radiotherapist of labex PREMIUMS. The project proposes the identification of biomarkers for determining the radiosensitivity of cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy, to optimize the therapeutic dose and prevent side effects partner.
The World BioVision forum brings together every two years  project leaders, large companies and financiers to encourage the emergence and economic development of innovative projects on the subject of human health. 3000 participants were present at the 2013 edition held in Lyon from 24 to 26 March.
The Competitiveness Cluster LyonBiopôle was launched the contest "Catalyzer" on 6 themes (infectious diseases, neuroscience, biodiversity, remote care, cancer, food safety).  Sylvie Sauvaigo's project was awarded among the nine finalists in its class. This distinction is a set visibility to facilitate contact with investors, and provide assistance to develop and finance the project. It also puts a focus on the Lyon-Grenoble axis in the research of DNA repair.


The project led by Sylvie LXRepair SAUVAIGO and by an expert of medical diagnosis, develops the first in vitro diagnostic tests based on the signature of Enzymatic DNA repair through technologies patented by CEA biochips. The main applications are customizing the therapeutic management in cancer. The objective of LXRepair is to market a companion test with a time horizon of 5 years. The start-up will also commercialize research and offer service kits for the identification of markers of risk and exposure to genotoxic markers. LXRepair is currently incubated with the incubator GRAIN.



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