Jul 17, 2013
Self-reference MRAM cells with built-in memory and logic functionality

In May, at the "International Memory Workshop" organized by the IEEE in California, Spintec and Crocus Technology presented the first demonstration of magnetic memory cells capable of performing a logic function. This patented concept opens the possibility to perform functions related to data security, such as secure authentication.


Spintec and Crocus are jointly doing research on self-referenced memory cells. This type of cell has a magnetic layer for storing the information, and a second layer to read the recorded information, working as a simple memory cell. A second alternative function can also be realized, when the read layer is used to ‘guess’ the stored information bit. A line generating a magnetic field sets the direction of the read layer. There are two possible directions corresponding to a bit '1 'or '0'. If there is a match of the two bits in the storage and the read layer, the cell responds with a high voltage output. This means that there is a correspondence between the stored bit and the input bit, called Match-In-Place™.

For a password, consisting of multiple bits, it is possible to verify the exact match of the input word against the stored data. What is unique in our device is that the match is verified at a global level, i.e. the match is verified on all bits all simultaneously, without reading the stored information. This initial demonstration opens the way for a wide range of applications in security, storage and digital communication.




MRAM with soft reference layer: In-stack combination of memory and logic functions
Q. Stainer, L. Lombard, K. Mackay,  R. C. Sousa, I. L. Prejbeanu, B. Dieny

5th IEEE International Memory Workshop (IMW), Monterey, CA, 26-29 May 2013




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