Jul 08, 2013
Coordination of European basic research program for energy

Frédéric Chadezon of INAC/SPRAM was elected in April 2013 by the Steering Committee of AMPEA (Advanced Materials and Processes for Energy Applications) to coordinate  this basic research program in the framework of the European Alliance for Energy Research (EERA, European Energy Research Alliance)


Launched two years ago at the initiative of the CEA, AMPEA aims to define priorities in basic research on materials and processes for energy (artificial photosynthesis, thermoelectricity, etc..), including simulation and advanced characterization techniques . Within CEA,t involves CEA DSM and DSV.
AMPEA gathers 43 public research organizations from 14 European countries to a "full-time" equivalent of about 430 people. Its actions are to establish roadmaps, organize workshops, sharing knowledge, initiate joint research projects on axes that are already funded and provide a coherent strategy for basic research.




Contacts : Frédéric Chandezon (Inac), Candice Boudet (DRI/DAE)


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