Nov 12, 2013
Student wins best poster prize at the European Materials Research Society Fall Meeting

At the recent European Materials Research Society (E-MRS) 2013 Fall Meeting, which took place at the Warsaw University of Technology (Warsaw, Poland, September 16-20 2013), Samuel Hanot, a graduate student supervised by two SPrAM scientists, has been awarded the best poster prize of Simposia L: “Theoretical and experimental approaches for the design of renewable energy sources materials”. Interestingly, the prize included both a certificate and a cheque!


The poster was titled: “Structure and transport properties of hydrated perfluorinated sulfonic surfactants: a numerical investigation” and focused on Samuel's molecular dynamics computer simulation work on surfactants phases. These soft matter systems are investigated as convenient “model” materials for the sensibly more complex polymer electrolyte Nafion, a crucial component in fuel cells technology.


This Ph.D. project is a joint activity started in 2012 and including the CEA (PCI and Theory Group at SPrAM) and the Theory Group at the Laue Langevin Institute (ILL), that funded the studentship. Samuel Hanot work will be crucial for the interpretation of Neutron Scattering experiments on real materials. It will also provide a systematic theoretical framework for describing the structure/transport interplay in charged nano-segregated systems, from surfactant phases to polymer electrolytes.


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