Jan 29, 2014
Ludovic Dupré awarded second prize at 2013 NanoART contest
Contact : Denis Buttard

Ludovic Dupré, who defended his PhD thesis in Octobre 2013, after his doctoral stay at SiNaPS lab, was first awarded at the monthly contest in March 2013. He is now awarded the second prize at the annual contest, amounted to US$ 3000, for the micrograph reproduced here.


NanoART is a Nano Imagery contest sponsored by nanoTox® in 2013, then nRai® in 2014, and organized in Grenoble by the Nanoscience Foundation.


Rules : nanoART_2014_announcement.pdf (663 Ko)


Website for submission: http://fondation-nano.grenoble.cnrs.fr/survey/index.php/survey/index/sid/884857/newtest/Y/lang/en



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