Highlights 2011

October 2011

Contact : Yoann ROUPIOZ
Yoann Roupioz (SPrAM) has received one of the four 2011 awards by the Japanese company HORIBA. He is being honored for his work on cell biochips and real-time monitoring of cellular secretions and their relevance to the diagnosis and rapid screening of potential vaccines.
Contact : Arnaud BUHOT
Two students from SPrAM, Feriel Mélaïne and Robin Pinilla, belong to the joint UJF/Grenoble-INP team nominated for the 2011 iGEM world championship jamboree to be held in Boston (USA) on November 5-7.

September 2011

This result is on the front page of Phys. Rev Lett. 107 (13). The article by S. Raymond et al.

August 2011

The september issue of C.R. Physique offers an unconventional content entitled Nanosciences and nanotechnologies:hopes and concerns edited by J. Villain and L. Laurent.

July 2011

The june-august issue of C.R.

May 2011

Nanosized oxide and hydroxide clusters of actinides (uranium, plutonium) play an important role in technology for the nuclear industry, in the migration of the actinides released in the environment by mining, energy production or weapons, and into related remediation strategies.


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