Contact : Eva Monroy
Researchers at INAC-PHELIQS-NPSC have developed new approaches for the detection of ultraviolet/infrared light using single GaN nanowires. Results have led to the demonstration of the first photodetector-in-a-wire based on intersubband transitions, i.e.
Contact : Bruno Gayral
We have studied the growth and optical properties of AlGaN nanowires, a potential candidate for future ultraviolet light sources. We have evidenced that such structures behave as a collection of quantum dots due to short-scale composition fluctuations.
Violaine Salvador
Les équipes de microscopie électronique et de photonique du SP2M ont réalisé la micromanipulation d’un microtore de silice (diamètre 40 µm) dans un FIB (Focussed Ion Beam).


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