We have developed arrays of innovative magnetic nanotweezers or “nanojaws” on silicon wafers, by a top-down approach using the fabrication techniques of microelectronics.
Contact : Loic Leroy
Cyril Herrier, a post-doc fellow of the labex ARCANE, working at SPrAM/CREAB in collaboration with LETI/DTBS has been awarded the NanoART monthly prize in March 2014.
The DNA molecule, which is the support of the genetic information, is continuously altered within cells by endogenous and exogenous processes. Among these reactions that alter the structure of the biopolymer, the hydrolytic reactions are the most common.
Contact : Yoann ROUPIOZ
Yoann Roupioz (SPrAM) has received one of the four 2011 awards by the Japanese company HORIBA. He is being honored for his work on cell biochips and real-time monitoring of cellular secretions and their relevance to the diagnosis and rapid screening of potential vaccines.
Contact : Arnaud BUHOT
Two students from SPrAM, Feriel Mélaïne and Robin Pinilla, belong to the joint UJF/Grenoble-INP team nominated for the 2011 iGEM world championship jamboree to be held in Boston (USA) on November 5-7.


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