Magnetism and Neutron Diffraction (MDN)
Magnetism and Neutron Diffraction (MDN)

Credit: ESRF/P. Ginter

The MDN laboratory was created by L. Néel and E.F. Bertaut in the early sixties in order to study condensed matter physics by means of neutron scattering techniques.

Since 1995, its activity is based on the operation of three CRG intruments (IN12, IN22 and D23) installed at Institut Laue Langevin.

The laboratory is specialized in :
- Fundamental study of magnetism.
- The developpment of high-performance neutron instrumentation.


Last update : 01/02 2018 (258)

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Experimental techniques and facilities at MDN : MDN laboratory operates four CRG instruments located at Institut Laue Langevin : The cold neutron three-axis spectrometer IN12 in collaboration with FZJ, Germany. The thermal neutron three-axis spectrometer IN22. The thermal neutron two-axis diffractometer for single crystals D23.
Open positions at MDN : Master student, PhD students and Post-doc are welcome to apply for positions.
Research activities at MDN :   Basic magnetism : - quantum spin systems - magnetic frustration - magnetism and superconductivity Functional materials : - multiferroic materials - magnetocaloric materials - thermoelectric materials  


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