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Formation and stabilization of size-controlled graphene nanopores for gas filtration application


Research field : Solid state physics, surfaces and interfaces
Location :

Modélisation et Exploration des Matériaux (MEM)

Laboratoire d'Etude des Matériaux par Microscopie Avancée (LEMMA)


Contact :

Hanako OKUNO

Gilles CUNGE

Starting date : 01-10-2018

Contact :

Hanako OKUNO


04 38 78 20 73

Thesis supervisor :

Gilles CUNGE



The introduction of nanoscale pores in graphene has attracted much attention for a large variety of applications that involve water purification, gas filtration, chemical separation, and DNA sequencing. Graphene has been proposed as an effective separation membrane. Removing carbon atoms to form size-controlled nanopores, size-selective separation membrane might be possible based on the molecular sieving effects.

In this Thesis project, we aim at studying formation mechanism and edge natures of sub-nanometer size nanopores in graphene for gas filtration membrane application. The final objective is to realize size-controlled stable nanopores in graphene monolayers using plasma technology and to integrate the developed nanopore formation process into gas filtration membrane technology to test their selectivity especially on hydrogen separation.

• Solid state physics, surfaces and interfaces


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