Contact : Vincent Maurel
The recent work performed by a team of INAC researchers could widen the range of photocatalysts for chemical synthesis. This work evidenced the efficiency of core-shell CdSe-ZnS quantum dots as redox photocatalysts. These nanocrystals can be activated by visible light in water solution.
Contact : Marina Gromova
In oleaginous seeds, the energy reserves are mainly triacylglycerols that are liquid lipids contained inside micrometric vesicles, called oil bodies (OB). Seeds are of first importance for human and animal feeds, for biofuels sources and their economic weight is far from being negligible.
Contact : Gaël De Paëpe
Mesoporous alumina (Al2O3) presents itself as a technologically important material due to its high surface area and catalytic properties. However, the characterization of this material remains elusive to various techniques.
Contact : Gaël De Paëpe
The eighth edition of the Alpine Conference on Solid-State NMR took place in Chamonix in September 2013.  With over two hundred participants from twenty different countries, the conference is traditionally marked by the awarding of a prize in memory of R. Regitze Vol.
Contact : Vincent Maurel
In the 1990 years several groups tried to design purely organic polymers with collective magnetic properties (ideally with a ferromagnetic transition).
The cell wall of bacteria is composed of several biopolymers building a shell around the cell, which allows recognition and adhesion to hosts, as well as regulation of other important cellular functions.
Contact : Michel Bardet
LiFePO4-based material is considered as one of the most promising for positive electrodes in commercial lithium-ion batteries. However, the reasons for the decrease in their electrical storage specifications during electrochemical cycles are not fully understood.
Contact : Michel Bardet
We have used high-resolution solid-State 13C NMR to better understand and optimize the conservation process of archaeological waterlogged woods by polyethylene glycol (PEG) impregnation via the  study of the molecular interactions between PEG and residual celluloses.
In a molecule bearing several unpaired local spins, one of the pertinent parameters that govern its magnetic properties is the magnetic exchange interaction constant J that describes the way spins “talk to each other” through the atoms connecting them (bridges).


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