Responsable : Daniel BRAITHWAITE
Instrumentation, Advanced materials, and Physics of correlated electron systems Our aim in IMAPEC is to tackle current issues in condensed matter physics through three actions: State of the art measurements, especially in extreme conditions of very low temperature, high magnetic field, and ... More »
Responsable : Xavier WAINTAL
We are a small group of 15-20 researchers (7 permanent researchers and as many students and postdocs) working on various aspects of quantum nanoelectronics, superconductivity (both mesoscopic and bulk), magnetism and spintronics with a strong overlap with the  experimental groups of PHELIQS, ... More »
The SiNaPS laboratory investigates the new physical phenomena appearing when silicon is down-sized to the nanometer scale. Our aim is to unveil new devices based on the understanding of those phenomena and to explore their future applications. Therefore, SiNaPS research span from material growth ... More »


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