CREAB - Head: Arnaud BUHOT
The team CREAB develops its research activities at the interface between physics-chemistry-biology with two principal axes: 1/ the conception, the development and the use of biosensors and/or biochips for the analysis of interactions from the molecular scale up to more complex biological objects ... More »
The chemists and biologists of the CIBEST team (CIBEST stands for " Chemistry-Biology Interface for environment, health and toxicology ")  use complementary approaches to understand the mechanisms involved in the human and environmental toxicity of physical or chemical agents. Our ... More »
CAMPE is a laboratory for fundamental research combining chemists specializing in synthesis, theoreticians specializing in molecular modeling, spectroscopists and specialists of instrumentation. The laboratory undertakes research in chemistry and molecular physical chemistry, focusing on the ... More »
STEP is an interdisciplinary team comprising chemists, physico-chemists, electrochemists and physicists. Our objectives are the control of molecular architectures and complex functionalities, the design of novel performing materials as well as the description and understanding of their physical ... More »


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