The LEMMA group is mainly involved in the characterization of materials and nanostructures at a sub-nanometer scale. For many years it has been involved in developing and using High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy (HRTEM) for applications in the study of interfaces at the atomic scale.
Head of Laboratory: Thierry Deutsch Deputy head: Pascal Pochet The objective of the L_Sim laboratory of theory and modeling is to simulate and predict the structure and the properties of nanomaterials. The properties of such materials are governed by their atomic structure.
  The MDN laboratory was created by L. Néel and E.F. Bertaut in the early sixties in order to study condensed matter physics by means of neutron scattering techniques.
Activities The scientific activity of laboratory NRS is mainly directed on the one hand towards the study in-situ, under ultra vacuum, in real time, of the growth, ripening and the car organization of nanostructures and on the other hand towards the structural study ex-situ of nanostructures.


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