Adsorption Cryorefrigerators Adsorption is the physical mechanism by which a gas can be trapped on a surface. For a given material, the quantity of gas adsorbed is a function of the temperature and by the pressure, it increases when the temperature decreases and/or the pressure increases.
The Activity Cryogenics Fusion is directed towards the problems of technology involved in this field of scientific research. The scanning fields relate to fusion with magnetic containment and fusion by inertial confinement.
Mission At SBT the electronics and instrumentation activity provides the technical support in the measurement and control fields associated with the cryogenic devices developed in this department.
The role of our group is to supply all users of the CEA, the ILL (Institut Laue Langevin) or the ESRF (European Synchotron Radiation Facility) in cryogenic fluids. Certain gases are liquified on the center, others are directly bought to the industrialists... The distribution of 204.
Responsable : Christine HOA
The Refrigeration and Thermo Hydraulics Laboratory (LRTH) is working on two research themes: refrigeration of  thermonuclear fusion machines and analysis of the behavior of helium at very high Reynolds number.


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