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Experimental techniques and facilities at MDN : MDN laboratory operates four CRG instruments located at Institut Laue Langevin : The cold neutron three-axis spectrometer IN12 in collaboration with FZJ, Germany. The thermal neutron three-axis spectrometer IN22. The thermal neutron two-axis diffractometer for single crystals ... More »
Open positions at MDN : Master student, PhD students and Post-doc are welcome to apply for positions.
People at MDN : Researchers   Frédéric Bourdarot Béatrice Grenier Stéphane Raymond Louis-Pierre Regnault Eric Ressouche   Technical support Pascal Fouilloux Bernard Geffray Benjamin Longuet Frédéric Mantegazza Bruno ... More »
Quantum theory lab – People : Pacôme Armagnat (PhD candidate) Anton Bespalov (postdoctoral researcher) Lars Elster (PhD candidate) Erik I. Eriksson (postdoctoral researcher) Christoph Groth (CEA staff researcher) Manuel Houzet ... More »
Quantum theory lab – Research : Frustrated magnets, Strongly correlated electronic systems: heavy fermions and quantum phase transitions, Unconventional superconductivity,ferromagnetic superconductors, and non-centrosymmetric superconductors, Polarised Fermi liquids, Transport and quantum ... More »
Research activities at MDN : Strongly Correlated Electron Systems Quantum Phase Transitions Unconventional superconductivity Quantum Spin Systems Frustrated Magnetism


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