Institute for Nanoscience and Cryogenics

Inac, a joint CEA-UGA research institute, is a major actor in fundamental research on condensed matter, soft matter and cryogenics in Grenoble.

Most of its activities in physics, chemistry and at the interface with biology are included under the banner of nanoscience. It has programmes in several strategic areas: low carbon energy, information technology, heath technology, global defence and security, development and use of large facilities, cryogenics for space and for large facilities. With the advent of nanosciences, the organisation of research within Inac based on decompartmentalizing scientific fields is more relevant than ever: synergies of all kinds are looked into in order to efficiently exploit all properties of matter, at the nanometer scale.



Inac has three major commitments:

  • Producing frontier science results in basic research (~350 scientific publications in the best journals per year)
  • Training of first class scientists through doctoral and post-doctoral studies (more than 100 PhD students at a time)
  • Taking care of valorising opportunities of applications emerging from Inac breakthroughs (25 patents granted per year)

Last update : 11/08 2017 (176)

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DNP-enhanced solid-state NMR in Grenoble :     The group (part of the RM team) is specialized in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and is currently actively developing an emerging nuclear hyperpolarizaiton approach called Magic Angle Spinning Dynamic Nuclear Polarizaiton (MAS-DNP).
LANEF kick-off meeting : LANEF (Laboratory of Alliances on Nanoscience - Energies for the Future), associating INAC and four other labs in Grenoble (G2ELAB, LNCMI, LPMMC and NEEL) held its kick-off meeting on October 11th, in the presence of the representatives of CEA, CNRS, UJF, Grenoble-INP and ANR.
Quantum theory lab – Contact : Head of the lab Xavier Waintal Mail address CEA Grenoble INAC/SPSMS/LTQ 17 rue des Martyrs 38054 Grenoble CEDEX 9 France Meeting us We are in building C5, 3rd floor, wing A (rooms 504-513, 516, 517). To enter CEA you need an appointment.
Quantum theory lab – People : Pacôme Armagnat (PhD candidate) Anton Bespalov (postdoctoral researcher) Lars Elster (PhD candidate) Erik I.


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