Cryogenics for the large instruments

Development of components

The refrigeration of the Large Instruments relates to primarily three activities:

  • project LHC
    Rich of its experiment in the field of the refrigeration Helium II of strong power, SBT intervenes in the construction of the future particle accelerator LHC (Broad Collider High-energy particle).
  • project ITER
    project ITER has, in its turn, requested the expertise on SBT for the design of the cryogenic system of this future engine of fusion by magnetic containment.
  • Development of components
    the search for better performances for the refrigerators require the development of specific components, under development in our service.

The experiment, the knowledge to make and accumulated knowledge contribute to maintain the dominating place which occupies SBT in the universe of the refrigeration helium of strong power, in particular for helium II.


Support for project LHC

Support for project ITER

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